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    Massive Flames Destroy Chemical Factory in Western India


    by NTDTelevision

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    Towering flames have destroyed a chemical factory in western India today. The cause of the fire is not yet known, but took firefighters hours to bring under control.

    A massive fire broke out at a chemical factory in the Thane district of India's western Maharashtra state on Wednesday.

    The blaze could not be put out even after three hours of firefighting.

    Thousands of liters of chemicals have been reportedly burned down, while the inflammable ones caused the fire to spread.

    [Narendra Mehta, Former Mayor of Thane]:
    "The carelessness of the administration is clearly visible, as the fire fighters could not extinguish the fire in two hours. Some of the flats in the surrounding areas also caught fire, which was later controlled, but the fire is rapidly increasing. We have also called fire picket from Mumbai, so that we can control it as soon as possible."

    The reason for the fire is still unknown.

    No casualties have been reported in the incident.

    Fire safety regulations are lax, rarely implemented and not periodically reviewed in many industries across India.