Spyro 3 LP - The Final Video Part 1

Sum Gai

by Sum Gai

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Time to complete thread: 3 years, 4 months.


I'm not sure if I've ever completed the snowboarding legitimately. I'm pretty sure I've always had to use the cheating method. Which makes this even more impressive. I'm sure I had an equal number of failed attempts before cheating, but a majority of them involved crashing at the end of the first jump, and immediately giving up. I just kind of assumed that the crash plus the fact that I got no boost at all completely ruined any chance I had at winning.

tl;dr version: You're right, this is very difficult. You did an amazing job, though, and I wish I could do that.

Also, what an amazing coincidence! We both seem to have had the exact same problem with our snowboards in the first race. How very odd.
By Denise Perry last year
Excellent! Now I can complete my hoard. Very nice curation of the whole trilogy, whrrr.
By premchai21 3 years ago
Terribly sorry about that, premchai21. Part 2 was uploaded several days ago, but I forgot to publish it. It should be working now.
By Sum Gai 3 years ago
Pardon my pseudo-impatience, but is part 2 likely to be uploaded here? I get the impression Viddler already has the full video, but I'm having trouble seeing it there, so I don't know for sure.
By premchai21 3 years ago
I was sooo happy to see that you posted a new video ! And now can say that I'm NOT disappointed ! =D thanks
By smajin 3 years ago