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    AVReporter Energy Management Dynamic Dashboard


    by avreporter

    Flexible custom-tailored solutions according to the requirements of the user: support of individual reports, local requirements - language, currency, date format, individual layout, application of individual calculation methods

    Unlimited possibilities of report preparation functions: KPI reports, Green House Gases reports, CO2 emission calculations, Optimization of energy bookings, Examination of quality features, Statements of efficiency of the application of renewable energy sources, etc.

    Supported communication with filed devices, Power meters - PM9C, PM500, PM710, PM800, ION 6200, etc. -, PLCs - Twido PLC, TSX Premium, etc. - , EGX300 direct connection

    Supported Powerlogic system connection (SMS 1500, SMS 3000, SMS 4.0 DL, SMS 4.0 SE, SMS 4.0 PE, SMS 4.2 DL, SMS 4.2 SE, SMS 4.2 PE, ION Enterprise 5.x, ION Enterprise 6.x)