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    Indonesia's Ubud Becomes a Cultural Highlight


    by NTDTelevision

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    Ubud, a small town in Indonesia's Bali Island, becomes popular among tourists. Our correspondent interviews the King of Ubud to find out what makes this place so special.

    Ubud is a small village in Bali, Indonesia of about 12,000 residents. Bali is famous for its beaches, but Ubud attracts tourists with its culture. And this has been the case since 1928 when the first tourist came, an artist who settled in the area to learn about the culture.

    [DR Ir Cokorde Artha Ardana Sukawati Msi, King of Ubud]:
    "Starting at that time a lot of foreigners came to Ubud just to visit or most also of them they stayed and learn about the culture, especially about the painting."

    Ubud's culture is a combination of two things. Part of its culture comes from farming, as most of its first residents were farmers. At the same time, Ubud was also the site where a palace was built.

    [DR Ir Cokorde Artha Ardana Sukawati Msi, King of Ubud]:
    "The palace was located in Ubud and a lot of famous painters. I mean, Balinese local painters they lived in Ubud. So we have talent about art, especially about painting in Ubud, we are famous for that."

    Ubud has not lost its roots.

    [Juliette Fasting, Tourist from Swizterland]:
    "This is just a wonderful place. It has a lot of history. It is very fascinating and also very interesting with all those celebration they are having now. I really love it."

    [Wayan Sika: Painter]:
    "We cannot live life in one side only, in materialistic life. We cannot live far away from our tradition. One side our head our brain and other side our deep feeling."

    Aware of the preciousness and value, Ubud's traditions and culture are certainly what keep it popular with tourists.

    NTD, Ubud, Indonesia