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SEBASTIAN "EMBODY", directed by So Me.

Some say he is the dark side of Ed Banger records, I know he likes it,
and I must say I agree with that. But i also believe Sebastian created what people
are calling the Ed Banger sound, he is the twisted head of Ed Rec.
Today, he is pushing it a little bit further, and he makes me a happy label boss.
"Embody" is not the boring "banger" you could expect from the man responsible
for heavy weight club hits "Smoking kills?" "Walkman" and "Ross Ross Ross"
Do I need to remind youI signed him for darker sounds like "Head/off", "shoot" or "HAL" ?
Did you know Daft Punk said he delivered the best remix they ever had for "Human after all" ?
When I heard "Embody" for the first time I imagined Prince and Sebastian in Paris, sharing a glass of wine
in a smoky basement. He surprised me and I hope you'll be touched too.
So Me directed the video, Dj Premier and Kavinsky provided the remixes.
"Embody" is now yours.

"EMBODY" - EP out April 4th
"TOTAL" - 1st Album out May 30th

19 commentaires

le clip est raciste ??? comment c'est possible d'être aussi con... Le clip est justement d'une tolérance peu commune en ces temps de rapports totalitaire au corps.
Ah bon, mais c'est un fan de zemmour qui le dit, c'est sans doute pour ca qu'il arrive à dire des conneries en pensant avoir l'air fin...
Par belgarath31 Il y a 3 ans
Génial cette musique, j'adore !!! :D
Par guiguidu600 Il y a 4 ans
I love this song so much, it's amazing.
Par Chris Calo Il y a 4 ans
Ce clip est d'un racisme.......
Par La_castagne Il y a 4 ans
i'm addicted to this song!!!
Par uzumbee Il y a 4 ans
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