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    South Korea Stages Anti-earthquake Training


    by NTDTelevision

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    After the earthquake in Japan, authorities in South Korea are taking no chances in case a massive natural disaster were to hit their country. A large-scale earthquake and tsunami training drill were held Wednesday, making sure officials are ready in the event of a national catastrophe.

    South Korea staged an anti-earthquake training drill on Tuesday, as people expressed divided opinions on any impact from the Japanese nuclear crisis.

    South Korea's National Emergency Management Agency organized civilian exercises at 12 places on the east coast to be prepared against earthquakes and tsunamis.

    The participants were evacuated from the beach and firefighters put out a simulated fire on a building.

    In Seoul, South Koreans are closely watching Japan's nuclear plant-related news on television at Seoul Railway Station.

    Most of them say they're aware of the radiation issue at the Fukushima power plants in Japan, but say they're not worried about it.

    [Kang Bong koo, Local]:
    "I trust our media and analysts who are saying there will be no impact from the Japanese nuclear crisis."

    Only a small group of people say they are worried.

    [Moon Jee-soo, Local]:
    "I was relieved to hear the nuclear fallout will not come toward South Korea... But what if the climate changes - I am a little worried."

    The Japanese government has warned that radioactive levels had become "significantly" higher around on earthquake-stricken nuclear power plant on Tuesday.

    Winds are expected to carry any radiation from Japan out over the Pacific Ocean and away from the Korean peninsula.

    Seoul's Ministry of Education, Science and Technology announced on Tuesday they did not detect abnormal radiation.