Reichsburg Castle - Great Attractions (Germany)

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Take a tour of Reichsburg Castle in Germany – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions series by GeoBeats. The Reichsburg Castle, an impressive structure, towers over the town of Cochem and the river of Mosel. Like many surviving relics of the past, the original Reichsburg Castle was destroyed in the 1680's and then reconstructed in the 1870's in the neo-Gothic style seen today. Reichsburg, one of the main attractions of Cochem, would be a little less magnificent if it weren't for the quaint town at the foot of the hill. This beautiful castle has changed hands quite a few times over the last century; Counts, Kings, and even Napoleon fought for its ownership. Within the castle's walls, an impressive and beautiful collection of furniture and art decorate the halls and rooms. From the top of the tower one can behold the beauty of the surrounding lands.