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    Don Rosenbaum - Rivierenbuurt


    door MrPeterlim

    This song and photo-impression tell a short story about a very special neighborhood in the city of Amsterdam. It is called the " Rivierenbuurt " i.e. the neighborhood where all streets and squares are named after Dutch rivers and waters.
    This part of the city was planned and built in the twenties and thirties of the last century by the renowned Dutch architect Berlage and is an example of the style that is called " Amsterdamse school ".
    It is also the place where Anne Frank lived together with her sister and parents, and this sad period in the neighborhood's history is of course of much importance for understanding the background and the events that shaped the neighborhood into the community it is now.
    The song that accompanies the pictures was written by the Dutch singer-songwriter Don Rosenbaum who lived here himself for about 40 years and felt the urge to put his feelings about it all to music.
    Hopefully this video arouses even more interest in this special and beautiful place.