A tribute to Mal Meninga

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Frederic Humbert
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A tribute to Australian Rugby League superstar Mal Meninga.

Here is a short bio :

Mal Meninga is regarded as one of the all-time greats of Australian sport holding a special place in the hearts and minds of rugby league followers not only in Australia, but on an International scale.

Born in Bundaberg and taught to play rugby league by his father, Mal Meninga grew to represent all that is best in sport. It is a remarkable achievement that by the end of his playing Career, Mal was the most capped Test player (45 caps), in the game’s history and the most capped State of Origin player (32caps). Mal also has scored the most points in both Test (72) and State of Origin football (161). He was honoured with an Order of Australia in 1994 and in 1995 won the Australian Achiever of the Year.

He played in an unprecedented four Kangaroos tours, including two as captain, made eleven grand final appearances and played in over 400 First Grade matches. He has won a number of outstanding awards over his career including Centre of the Year (1991), Captain of the Year (1991), Adidas Golden Boot Award for the Best Player in the World (1990), and was the Sports Tourism Ambassador for the Year (1993). In 1997 he took over the role as Head Coach of the Canberra Raiders and is still in the position today.

credit to "Le Monde du Rugby à XIII" http://lemondedurugby.chez-alice.fr/index.html

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Merci pour la video :) ... ,,,......
Par denbaronita denbaro il y a 4 ans
Your work is absolutely awesome1 anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? :))
Par loveelybabi87 il y a 4 ans
He is "Simply the best".You people have to know that being a NSW girl,(through and through) it has always pained everyone that barracks for the blues that Big Mal was so 'BIG,HARD AND FAST".I don't give a bugger where anyone is from,(That follows rugby league of course),once you watch a couple of old Mal Meninga footy games you will see what I mean and agree.Quite simply put, "The bloke was a bull" in sheer strength and willpower. Good luck to you Mal and family.xx Luxford clan. Hope the fruit shops are going well,lmao.
P.S Frederic,that is a damn sensational clip.
Par Cate1 il y a 5 ans
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Par Embargo547 il y a 7 ans
very cool
Par spiralwero il y a 8 ans
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