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    Varanasi, India: Holi Festival Celebrations Underway


    by NTDTelevision

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    This upcoming weekend marks the Hindu festival of colors, called Holi. But days before it's set to begin, festivities are already underway in one city in the country's north. Here's more.

    The Hindu festival of colors, known as Holi, is underway in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

    The festival is celebrated with much gusto in Varanasi.

    [Priyanka Rai, Local Resident]:
    "All of us have enjoyed the festival a lot. The foreign tourists have also indulged themselves and are enjoying the festival."

    It was a unique experience for one Italian tourist.

    [Italian Tourist]:
    "It was really a wonderful experience, really mystical and beautiful."

    Holi, the festival of colors of north India, is celebrated with the onset of spring.

    The festival brings together people from all classes and age groups as they play with colors, give out sweets and make processions.

    This year, Holi is officially celebrated on March 19 and 20.