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    Spinal Decompression Therapy in Portland OR


    by nwpaininstitute

    RELIEVED ME OF MY LEG PAIN!!! The treatment I have received at NW Pain Institute has relieved me of my leg pain and numbness in my foot. This has been accomplished by use of the decompression therapy. No medication has been used. I am half way through my treatment and would recommend decompression therapy to anyone who is a candidate for this treatment. -Ronald B. Renton, WA Reviews are Dr. Werner Marksfeld approved at

    BACK PAIN FOR 14 YEARS??? back pain for 14 years now and I have been to doctors, I have had surgeons and nobody has been able to do anything for me so I saw the ad for the NW Pain Institute in the paper and I decided it was time to try something I hadn't. Reviews are Dr. Werner Marksfeld approved