"Uniquely Fantastic" - Shen Yun in Paris

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Shen Yun Performing Arts performed four shows in Paris over the weekend.

[Jean Baillon, Company President]:
“What we can actually feel is that it expresses a great human spirituality, that is to say it is not only physically moves. We can feel that behind it's full of wisdom, there's a quest for wisdom and one can really feel it. It's quite different from what we have in western ballet, I think…Human virtues are deeply expressed. The strength surely, courage, wisdom, but also playfulness, harmony with the women dancers who are really gracious.”

Christophe Montague is the CEO of a leading European radio broadcast network.

[Christophe Montague, NJR Radio CEO]:
“What has touched us the most is the discovery of a culture and the refinement of this culture. Some scenes really touched us, in particular the scene with female dancers dressed in green with boxes. And we have found it touching, even moving, I think, with beauty, tenderness, feeling and it was really uniquely fantastic.”

His wife Savina also enjoyed the show.

[Savina Montague, Political Advisor]:
“Magnificent clothes that we can't see anywhere else. And (the) colors are incredible too. Each scene is perfect (Husband: it’s harmonious) yes it’s really harmonious… The happiness, in one way or another, in each scene we could feel happiness appearing at some point.”

NTD News, Paris, France