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    How to make CHOCOLATE balls that accelerate FAT LOSS ...


    by mybodylove

    The Bodylove chocolates are a guilt free super food igniting a great mood! Ingrid Arna, holistic health counselor and founder of Bodylove shares her sugar free, beauty boosting chocolates - Bodylove Beauty Balls with designer and super vlogger, Megan Castran. Bodylove Beauty Balls, make you feel beautiful from the inside out as they nourish the body with lots of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and good fats to help you lose weight whilst boosting your immunity and energy. Please check out the for the full recipe and much much more. These chocolates will rock your world! Befriend Ingrid at FaceBook at INGRID ARNA. Twitter – BODYLOVEROCKS. Much Bodylove, Ingrid Arna xx