Europe's Most Beautiful Castles

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Take a tour of Europe's Most Beautiful Castles – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. I’d like to show you the most beautiful castles in Europe. We begin with the 16th century Chambord Castle. The classic French Renaissance architecture mixed with Italian structural styles creates a luxuriously embellished interior as well as exterior. The moat and other seemingly defensive features were added during the building process and are purely ornamental. The exquisite 19th century Peles Castle in Romania is an elegant neo-Renaissance touch to its rough mountainous surroundings. Functional and ingenious as well as beautiful, this castle was the first self sufficient castle, running entirely on electricity produced on its grounds. Sintra, Portugal sports an eccentric, colorful, and stately 19th century palace. The Pena National Palace was erected upon the ruins of an ancient chapel by Ferdinand the Second. The eclectic architecture, Moorish arches, restored convent, and double gateways make this palace truly an inimitable experience. This architectural amalgam of Renaissance, Gothic, and Medieval styles towers over the ethereal waters of Trieste, Italy. The pristine white exterior and imperial interior of the 19th century Miramare Castle coupled with its perfect promontory location creates a strong yet luxurious atmosphere. The parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a federal state of northern Germany, meets in the ancient Schwerin Castle. Stately, lavish, and serene; this grand palace has been reconstructed many times throughout its lengthy almost two century old history.