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    Donna Simpson Eating her way to 1,000 POUNDS! WTF?!?


    by guitaristandtheghoul

    Originally recorded on August 9th, 2010.

    Scream and Stoutmeister recently discovered from various Youtube videos ranging from news clips to rants that there is a woman from New Jersey, whom is looking to become the world's fattest woman. She already takes the current record of being the world's fattest mom, but she feels that it is NOT good enough. So to get our view of this across, we decided to do a reaction video to this. Hope you guys enjoy.

    Thanks to NiteSlayer777 & Raidenstream for the title suggestion "AmericanBullshiTV" \m/\m/

    P.S. I have nothing personally against fat people, I have friends of all kinds(size, religion, skin color, etc), I'm just against people that dig themselves an early grave.

    The clip we reacted to:

    Picture Section of the video.
    Song: "The Fat Song"
    Artist: http//

    Song: Zyglrox
    Artist: Periphery
    Album: Periphery
    Year: 2010