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    A life worth living

    Elizabeth Fernandez

    by Elizabeth Fernandez

    The world has seen Green Pharmaceuticals now its Green Religion,as a Theistic Satanist. I have created The Elite order The Ipsissima Adeptus Order,regardless of who you are, I shall raise you up like Eliza Doolittle to achieve the most of your life. You shall obtain ultimate success. I have been a high Priestess for many years creating dramatic changes in people to create there own future and to design a dynamic life with the help of magic. I lead a on-line Congregation of over 777,000,000 through Europe and the USA. The days are numbered for processed religions that take billions of currencies all over the world robbing the poor. The Christians and Muslims have a competitor on the spiritual path they do not know about. The growth of my order We shall be the dominant religion there will be world peace. I am a ecologist and will serve a God of the nature , natural order of Baphomet. (Life long Membership is with the purchase of this book) No tithes, No Offerings required.