WHITE (2009 short) Patrick Boivin


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WHITE / Tete blanche (2009 short)
Canada 29min
Genre: Short / Drama / Sci-Fi

Wherever Marjorie walks, the ground is covered with a thick layer of snow. It has been many weeks since she has even hoped of finding someone. There is no life anywhere, except for a dog that follows her from town to town.

Director: Patrick Boivin
Writer: Patrick Boivin
Cast: Gaston Lepage, Marianne C. Miron, Inouk, Salome Dubreil (voice)
Producers: Cedric Bourdeau, Stephane Tanguay
Original Music: Dan Godro, Eric Pfalzgraf
Cinematographer: Jean-Pierre Gauthier
Editor: Patrick Boivin
Art Director: Marjorie Rheaume

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