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    San Diego Auto Accident Lawyer | The Statue of Limitations

    Mark Blane

    by Mark Blane

    San Diego car accident attorney talks about the California Statute of Limitations (SOL) on accident and injury cases. This is the time frame that an injured person must either have his or her injury case settled, or filed in the appropriate court; if either of these two options are not done, then an injured person can FOREVER lose his or her legal rights to any monetary recovery. I am also constantly adding fresh content to my website - almost on a daily basis! This includes different blog topics, articles, news, and videos that can help you make an informed decision on your San Diego California accident case. If you want more information you can visit, which contains FREE books, blogs, articles and tons of information on your particular injury or interest; you can also call (619) 813-7955. You can also check out my Spanish Youtube Channel at: