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    FAQ: I Live A Very Active Lifestyle How Do Lace Wigs Hold Up


    by swigchd

    545 views One of the best things about any type of lace wig is how well they hold up to an active lifestyle. No matter if the wig is made from human hair or if a synthetic fiber is being used, the wigs are not likely to fall apart, as long as you take proper care of them. For example, if you swim a lot you are going to need to be taking special care of your wig because the chlorine in the pool can damage the wig the same way that it can damage your natural hair.

    When leading an active lifestyle the one precaution you want to take with your lace wigs is how you adhere them to your hairline. People that plan to swim or exercise a lot will want to use a waterproof adhesive so the wig doesn’t come off while swimming or sweating.