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    FAQ WIGS Will my hairline be damaged


    by swigchd

    575 views Before purchasing a lace wig most people want to know if it will cause any damage to their own hair/hairline. While the wig itself will not cause any damage to your hair or hairline, the adhesive that is used to apply the wig can create problems. The biggest problem that the adhesive causes is thinning along the hairline, but this can be avoided. The thinning usually occurs when you don’t take proper care when taking off the wig or putting it on.
    How long can I wear my lace wig before damage occurs?
    One thing to keep in mind with the thinning is that the longer you keep your lace wig on the more likely you are to damage your hair. Rather than trying to wear your wig for weeks at a time, it is recommended to take it off every five to seven days. When you take it off after a week of wearing it, you are able to thoroughly clean your wig, which helps keep the adhesive clean. Clean and fresh adhesive means you get a stronger bond along the hairline.