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    Two Children Die from Toxic Potatoes in India


    by NTDTelevision

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    Two children are dead and many others hospitalized after eating toxic potatoes in India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh. A local doctor told media that the potatoes had been sprayed with a chemical to increase their size.

    Two children died in India Thursday after eating potatoes sprayed with pesticide.

    The children had eaten a dish prepared with potatoes from a local market on the outskirts of Bulandshah City of India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

    They were then rushed to the local health center after complaining of diarrhea-like symptoms.

    A local doctor told media the children had died from food poisoning caused by the toxic potatoes.

    [Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Health Center Director]:
    "People grow potatoes here and these days in order to grow larger potatoes, they spray a lot of phosphorus. At least two children have died and others have complained of vomiting due to food poisoning."

    Local villagers are angry at the lack of basic health facilities in the area, saying that there were no medical staff available when they went to the health center.

    [Omprakash, Local Resident]:
    "We've been running with our children from one place to the other since yesterday. We went to the health center but didn't find anybody there, so we got private treatment for our children. I've been running around the community health center in Dibai since this morning and couldn't find anyone. They told us teams of medics have gone to other places -- there was not even an orderly at the hospital. We are worried, two children have died today and around 10 to 12 more are now ill."

    According to local media reports, two of the five children admitted to hospital are in critical condition.