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    “Zenga” Clip about Muammar Gaddafi


    by NTDTelevision

    A YouTube video clip of Libya's ruler Muammar Gaddafi titled "Zenga" was recently viewed by millions of people. The clip, created by an Israeli musician, was inspired by the rapper Pitbull's song "Hey Baby." Here's more from Israel.

    When Noy Alooshe heard Muammar Gaddafi's speech, his musical instincts sensed the potential in the rhythm of Gaddafi's words. A well-known American tune "Hey Baby" was playing in his head. He sat in front of his computer, and within two hours the clip "Zenga" was created.

    After the clip was uploaded to YouTube, Aloosh has received numerous and surprising replies. They spread quickly throughout western and Arabic countries.

    [Noy Aloosh, Israeli Musician]: "This proves everything I said to people; that the Internet changed everything, and that this is a new world order."

    And the dialog between those who watched the clip reflects that art and entertainment have no national boundaries.
    [Noy Aloosh, Israeli Musician]:
    "People said, who cares that he is Israeli, and who cares that he is Jewish. He wants, like us, to overthrow a dictator. It's not that he represents his government, He represents himself as a musician. It was fun to see reactions that once, when there was no Internet, you could not see such reactions."

    Aloosh did not expect the clip to spread so widely and so fast.

    [Noy Aloosh, Israeli Musician]:
    "Something that is globally spread and also involved within something historical and current that is happening and influencing so many people, this never happened (to me) before."

    Noy Aloosh, Israeli Musician]:
    "I was happy it leveled later, we received many positive replies from YouTube surfers of so called enemy Arab countries that are not in touch with Israel who wrote to me: 'Although I am from Egypt, and despite I am from Libya and you are from Israel, I still love this song and the remix, and I hope for peace.'"