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    Dil Dosti Etc


    by ReliancePictures

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    Dil Dosti Etc explores the ambiguities of the youth years. The movie is about coming of age of Apurv (Imaad Shah), a rich, aimless and cynical 18-year old young man, who has just entered college in Delhi. Juxtaposed against the aimlessness of Apurv is also the story of Sanjay Mishra (Shreyas Talpade), an ambitious Bihari student-politician with limited means. They represent two divergent world views—the liberal versus the conservative, the no-strings attached versus the committed, the elite versus the middle-class… Directionless and laidback, Apurv searches for meaning in life through amorous escapades with different girls, including a sex-worker (Smriti Mishra) and a school girl (Ishita Sharma). Meanwhile Sanjay works single-mindedly to win the college Presidential elections, and yet catches the attention of a rich model (Nikita Anand). Dil Dosti Etc is woven together with an ensemble of other characters, who have their own stories to tell… Set against all these is a silly wager that the two protagonists engage in—Sanjay will win the elections and Apurv will manage to have sex with three women in a day! As the film moves towards a volatile climax, you get to test the film’s premise, when you’re young, you believe the possibilities are endless…