How to Do Alternating Lunges with Bosu - Women's Fitness

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How to Do Alternating Lunges with Bosu - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats. I'm Yvonne with Elements Diet and Fitness in Manassas, Virginia, and today Melodie and I are going to show you a warm-up exercise on the Bosu trainer called Alternating Lunges. We're going to start this out by stepping into the center of the Bosu trainer. She will take her left foot step back to the diagonal, reach forward with the left hand, and then come to the center, and step back with the opposite side. She's going to do this, find her center of gravity, warm-up the legs. And eventually she can actually pick up the pace and start to warm-up her heart as well. And once she feels really confident, she can actually jump from position to position. And if she can keep this up for 40 to 60 seconds, she has an excellent warm-up going. So again the Alternating Lunges on the Bosu trainer as a warm-up exercise.