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    Art Through the Age : Indy Mogul Promo


    by indymogul

    Check out this awesome Indy Mogul promo made by Indy Mogulers and DIY filmmakers Neko Neko Productions! Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below and what you think would make an awesome Indy Mogul slogan.See more Neko Neko at: is what Neko Neko had to say about making the promo:"The idea was this - we travel through eight major artistic movements before arriving at the latest - YouTube.  The pervasive idea was that despite countless other influences, it is ultimately the artist that steers the direction of new artistic mediums. So thats what we did.  We had to use outside actors (which we've never done), green screen (which we've never used), adobe after effects (which I had to learn), and our greatest creative problem solving to get the shots we imagined. Some said it was impossible, some claimed it would never be done, but here, for the first time LIVE on the INTERWEB is Neko Neko Film's ART THROUGH THE AGES!"