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    The Shining: backwards/forwards

    Kubrick Corner

    by Kubrick Corner

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    Sorry for the poor audio quality. Turn your volume up to maximum.

    Some people claim that when THE SHINING is played simultaneously forwards as well as backwards, the film "mirrors itself". This video tests those claims.

    Note: this forward/backward dual motion is itself necessary when navigating a maze, as one must not only search for the maze's centre, but remember past routes if one intends to get out.

    This particular sequence was chosen because the numbers 12, 21 and 42 appear throughout The Shining. The face of a teddy bear is also first shown at exactly 12 minutes, 42 seconds into the film. 12 minutes, 42 seconds from the end of the film, another bear is likewise seen.

    Thanks to Avery and the London Film School for this video. All footage belongs to Warner Studios.