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TREATMENTS FEEL GOOD ALL OVER!!! Before starting NWA Chiropractic Care...... My shoulders were uneven but I didn't realize this could change. Actually, I didn't know what Chiropractor services could do. After beginning Chiropractic Care at NWA Chiropractic.... The shoulder problem was corrected quickly. The treatments feel good all over, especially the vibrator machine. Mary C. All reviews are Dr Philip Bland approved.

I HAVE NO HEADACHES!!! Before Starting NWA Chiropractic Care......... I was experiencing migraine headaches and severe back pain. I also had hearing loss in one of my ears. After Beginning Chiropractic Care at NWA Chiropractic......... I have little to no headaches. My back pain is much better. My hearing is getting better too! Rachial H. All reviews are Dr Philip Bland approved.