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    by abortionoptions

    ADVICE!! I just wanted to let you know over at Free Abortion Alternatives that we took a test today and I'm not prego and I didn't take the morning after pill. Thanks for your advice and support. You guided me in the right path and God sent me to you for guidance and I thank you. Please stay in touch! Elizabeth 20, Bronx

    THANKS EMC...FOR YOUR HELP!!! Thank you so much for going to the hospital with me last night-1,000 thanks! Free Abortion Alternatives, I could never pay you back. Rosalba 31, Manhattan Thanks Free Abortion Alternatives for your help you are truly heaven sent. Azalea 23, Manhattan

    WAS A BLESSING!! Meeting you alone was a blessing. You are a wonderful lady. Out of all the numbers I could have found online, I found you! Thank you Julie and Free Abortion Alternatives! Lolita, Fredericksburg, VA