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    Lybia, Tunisia, Egypt, Korea, Bahrain, Iarq, Iran, Afghanist


    by VegEdGoku

    Lybia, Tunisia, Egypt, Korea, Bahrain, Iarq, Iran, Afghanistan, Israel, unions, Suddan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia! Don't let nazis to divide and conquer You!

    Earth's destruction information
    Canada's rapists: ""!

    Dangerous, criminal sites!
    Best search site!
    Ron Paul speech!

    Enough is Enough! That's a thinking we have to have now! That's a slogan of Victory!

    Turn off TV.
    Benjamin Fulford, Bill Cooper, David Icke, G. E. Griffin, Bill Hicks, Rafael Correa, Paul Craig Roberts, Carol Rosin, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, We Are Change, Luke Rudkowski.
    Try to reach those people who don't know The Truth, like reality show watchers.

    Language is actual thing today. There is no international language. Using foreign, native languages as international languages can cause conflicts. We could use esperanto. It is free language.

    Prevention is very important. Prevention should be very strong. Today there is almost no prevention. Instead of that crimes are promoted, invented to cash in from them, force in police state.

    Budget is irrelevant, but if there is a budget, people have to vote, what for to use their money.

    95% out of 100% of people should agree with something they vote, otherwise no to something voted for more people to be happy with a voting and minority people always have a chance to influence voting. People always have to vote for their, important concerns.