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    Batik Producer Preserves and Develops Unique Motifs


    by NTDTelevision

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    In a village in Indonesia, a young batik producer with a strong will and noble aspirations is successfully reviving a once deeply rooted tradition. Here's more from our correspondent.

    Green vegetation, simple houses and friendly residents will welcome you if you visit Sendang village located in Surabaya, Indonesia. And you may be greeted by a traditional dance as well. But this village is most famous for its Tulung Agung-style batik cloth.

    A young batik artist named Sigit Suseno has created hundreds of motifs for batik, and he's famous for the exclusiveness of his design.

    That means, one motif for one cloth, and there's no duplication unless it's meant for a mass-production order.

    [Sigit Suseno, Batik Artist]:
    "At first I only collected antique fabrics, and then I started to try to create my own batik motifs. After trying and trying, also with some research on ancient motifs and temple reliefs, finally I can create my own batik motifs."

    Sigit mainly draws floral motifs, such as leaves and flowers. Dark colors like dark blue and dark brown are used as a base then the whole fabric is colored with either traditional or synthetic pigments.

    Sigit says he wants to preserve this cultural activity for future generations.

    [Sigit Suseno, Batik Artist]:
    "Tulung Agung has been producing batik since the time of the Majapahit kingdom. But production has lapsed over time. Therefore, I began to educate children in making batik. In this way, a precious cultural heritage will not be lost."

    The batik Sigit produces are currently exported to the United States, Austria, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

    NTD News, Tulung Agung, Indonesia.