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    South Korean Women Dance on International Women's Day


    by NTDTelevision

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    Women's rights activists in South Korea danced in the streets of Seoul Tuesday to mark International Women's Day. The event encouraged the public to have more respect for their mothers, wives and sisters.

    South Korean women danced in the streets of Seoul to mark International Women's Day on Tuesday.

    The event aims to make the public aware about Women's Day and encourage them to express respect and love to their mothers, wives and sisters. They also demanded more rights for women at work and in society.

    The organizers adopted a "flash mob" type of event to enjoy the day. A group of people assembled suddenly in a public area and performed for a brief time before disappearing.

    [Kim Mi-ran, Activist]:
    "To mark the March 8 International Women's Day, we prepared this 'Flash Mob' to let society know women's issues and share them with the public. We want women to enjoy the day like a festival with us."

    Some of the activists were wearing pajamas to urge the government to cut down night shifts so women can be with their families.