Demon King Daimao - Episode 9 - The Marriage Interview Chaos


by Crunchyroll

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Without either of their input, it's decided that an arrianged marriage meeting is to be held between Junko and Akuto at Iga Village. Junko, who has feelings for Akuto, is unable to tell him, and so invites him to the village for other reasons. Akuto knows nothing of the marriage interview, but feels responsible for the messes he's caused and decides to go with her.
That night, Junko readies herself and visits his room, but another misunderstand occurs. As Akuto flees, he is confronted by Teruya Eiko who tells him that the God Suhara has decided Keena is a threat and ordered the Teruya Family to eliminate her.
The Demon Lord awakens within an enraged Akuto!