Shopping Cart Ordinance

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Shopping Cart Ordinance Thu, 18 Mar 2010 08:08:00 EDT

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We have re-introduced the coin lock for shopping carts. The time for this simple effective solution is right. No longer is it just retailers who are concerned about carts in the environment and scattered across parking lots threatening to damage cars. City councils, politicians and consumers are concerned as well and happy to participate and legislate. Our research shows that customers prefer the coin lock system to the employee carry out; the pole attached to the cart; and to the perimeter wheel locking system. The latter system they find frustrating and ineffective at keeping carts off their neighbourhood streets and also does nothing to organize the parking lot.

Our system can be designed to take a variety of coins ($1, $.25 or foreign) or even multiple coins. We have our Kartcoin option so consumers can always have the proper coin to unlock the carts right on their keychains eliminating any concerns about convenience.
By Maciver Enterprises 4 years ago