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    Libyan plane lands in Egypt


    by ODN


    A plane carrying the Head of the Libyan Authority for Supply and Logistics has landed in Cairo, according to an Egyptian airport official.

    Major-General Abdel Rahman Ben Ali al-Sayyid al-Zawy was on board the plane that came from Tripoli, the official said.

    The jet briefly flew through Greek controlled air space on its way to Egypt.

    A Greek foreign ministry official said: "A Libyan Falcon jet reported to Athens FIR (Flight Information Region) that it was passing through and heading to Egypt. It was in Greek FIR for about 15 minutes. We do not know who was on the plane or who it belongs to."

    Meanwhile, Libyan leader, Colonel Gaddafi has promised to fight any international attempts to impose a no-fly zone on the country, in a Turkish Television interview.

    Gaddafi claimed such a move would lead Libyans to understand the foreigners' aims to seize oil and take their freedoms away. He said if that happened "Libyans will take up arms and fight."

    Pro-Gaddafi troops have been battling against rebel forces in the east of the country and in areas near the capital, Tripoli, which remains under the control of his regime.