Israeli Singers Contend for Europe’s Eurovision Song Contest

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Every year, Israel participates in Europe's Eurovision Song Contest. The preliminary contest set for March 8 will pick one song to represent Israel. Contestants share their feelings with our Israeli correspondent.

In a small pub in Tel Aviv, nominees representing Israel in the Eurovision song contest gather to plan their preliminary performance, scheduled for March 8th.

Although technically considered an Asian country, Israel has been participating in the contest since 1973, winning 3 times.

[Meital Patash Cohen and Niv Cohen, "KNOB" Group]:
"We're very excited. I think if we weren't so excited we would lose the experience. When you're excited you are deeply moved, you want to be the best."

For some singers, making it to the Eurovision is a dream come true.

[Sivan Metzger-Adar, Singer of "Take Me"]:
"I remember when I was a little girl I told my mum I wish someday I will participate in the Eurovision. And she told me, 'Just focus on school please'."

Michael and Shimrit Greilsammer say they just live for music and even their young son plays the drums with them. Most songs for the Eurovision are in Hebrew and English, but the Greilsammers' performance is an exception.

[Michael Greilsammer ,Singer]:
"In this song there is a mixture of styles--Eastern, Western, Jewish and a little French."

Aharoni gained his inspiration from a new addition to his family.

[Chen Aharoni, Singing "Or" (light)]:
"About a month ago my baby sister was born, and it brought light into my life, and so I dedicate this light to her".

Ackman, the last singer:

[Carmel Ackman, Singing "Traveling to Where I Long"]:
"It's a great honor to represent my country with something I feel I can give—a song".

Who will win the preliminary Eurovision contest for Israel? We can only wait and see.

Reporter:Aviva Grunpeter Photographer:Anat Markram
NTD News, Tel Aviv, Israel.