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    The Atari 2600 - A Video Game Tribute


    by HOLadd1

    Charles Foster Kane had a sled named "Rosebud." I had an Atari 2600. I recently came across my old 2600 in a closet and teed it up to discover it still works beautifully 32 (gulp!) years later.

    I've been kicking myself over the years for throwing away all the original cartridge boxes the games came in -- something about not having enough room during one of my many relocations as a kid or other lame excuse. I came across some box art online that made me re-discover just how exceptional the art work was (and still is today).

    By that time I was fully infected with the 70's nostalgia bug and had to piece together this small tribute to my own personal Rosebud.

    Maybe it was your Rosebud, too...