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    Unique Embroidered Dolls Recall Times Past

    Cambridge Who's Who

    by Cambridge Who's Who

    Ruth Guinn and partners Donna Elliott and Shannon Elliott-Ralph oversee the creation of embroidered felt dolls whose clothes are attached by Velcro. The inspiration for the launching of Material Kidz, the company that oversees the manufacturing of the dolls, was Donna’s granddaughter, an 18-month-old with a passion for paper dolls. The three then hit upon the idea of producing safe, unique toys that were more durable than paper dolls and thus, Graham and Ginger were born. So named because of their gingerbread shape, each doll comes with seven outfits and a carrying case that can be personalized. Graham and Ginger are available in 16 different permutations of hair color, skin tone and hairstyle. The dolls’ simplicity make them ideal diversions for children with special needs and other challenges. They are great companions for clinic visits or hospital stays. Material Kidz dolls are sold at Junior League, wholesale and craft markets throughout Texas. They are also available nationally through the company website at