What is an affirmation? Why use affirmations?


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http://tinyurl.com/affirmationDNA An Affirmation is a positive statement about yourself or a situation that involves you. Affirmations send positive messages to your brain, to re-train it, and to the Universe. Affirmations can come in the form of positive thinking statements, usually short, which aims to challenge the negative beliefs you have about yourself. These daily affirmations are meant to replace the negative beliefs that undermine your belief in yourself. Most affirmations will strengthen your self esteem. Affirmations are most effective when stated verbally and with true intent. You should always believe your affirmation, although this can be quite difficult or even amusing initially. The intention is to train positive thinking in a certain way that negative habits will disappear. The areas, were affirmation quotes are used are: affirmations for health, vital affirmations, success affirmations, money affirmations, abundance af

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