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    "Like a Fairytale"— Shen Yun in Bregenz, Austria


    by NTDTelevision

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    Next up we go to Shen Yun Performing Arts' world tour. The classical Chinese dance and music company had the first of three shows in Bregenz, Austria over the weekend. Here's what audience members in there had to say about the show.

    Shen Yun Performing Arts had its first show in Bregenz, Austria, performing their new program for 2011 on Saturday. Some audience members were happy to recommend the show.

    [Adelinde Storer, Audience Member]:
    "I am very pleased and happy, that I had decided to come here."

    Mr. Eggenschwiler lives in Switzerland and his daughter invited him to see the show.

    [Karl Eggenschwiler, Financial Auditor]: (male Swiss- German, Ca 1:00)
    "I recommend it to everybody and I have to thank my daughter for the Invitation we got."

    He was impressed by the skill of the artists.

    [Karl Eggenschwiler, Financial Auditor]:
    "Especially the singing was wonderful, the soprano was fantastic, and also the jumps were wonderful. When they landed on the floor, you would not hear a sound. They were like feathers floating. So it was also fantastic."

    And other audience members were also impressed.

    [Gertrud Oesterle, Audience Member]:
    "I find these little step sequences so elegant, as if they would be in the air. They really floated there. It's wonderful... it's like a fairytale—as you would tell a fairytale."

    [Heidi Greubel, Therapist]:
    "Yes, I can only recommend to see this show and to experience it—above all, to really experience it."

    The next stop for the European leg of Shen Yun's world tour will be in Clermont-Ferrand, France on March 8 and 9.
    Simone Schlegel, NTD News, Bregenz, Austria

    Shen Yun travels to three cities this week. Atlanta, Georgia in the U.S.; Canberra, Australia; and Clermont-Ferrand, France. More info at Shen Yun Performing Arts dot org.