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    U.S. Military Repatriates 600 Egyptians, Thousands More


    by NTDTelevision

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    The U.S. military airlifted 600 Egyptian nationals from Tunisia to Egypt over the weekend. Most of these Egyptians are migrant workers who fled the strife in Libya. A few thousand Egyptians are to be repatriated in the next few days.

    On Sunday, the U.S. military airlifted some 330 Egyptian nationals from Tunisia to Egypt.

    These several hundreds of Egyptians had been staying in camps near the Tunisian city of Djerba.

    Most of them are migrant workers that have fled the strife in Libya.

    This was the second day of a U.S. military mission to help stranded Egyptians, using four U.S. C130 planes.

    [James Stockman, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Africa Command]:
    ''We delivered humanitarian supplies on Friday and Saturday. There were four military aircrafts that came in to Tunisia and they picked up roughly three hundred Egyptian citizens and returned them to Cairo, Egypt and today there were four military aircrafts as well and they picked up roughly the same amount of people to Egypt."

    The airport has been choked with flights all week.

    It was an attempt to repatriate the tens of thousands of foreign workers fleeing Libya, including Bangladeshis, Filipinos and Vietnamese.

    On Thursday, President Barack Obama offered the use of U.S. aircraft to help ease the refugee crisis at the Tunisia border, where thousands of mainly migrant workers are seeking help to get home.

    France, Italy and Sweden were among countries that had also organized airlifts for the Egyptians - a response to a UN request to help deal with the deteriorating humanitarian situation.

    [Mohamed, Repatriated Egyptian National]:
    ''It was a difficult time for us definitely, sleeping and eating and staying there. But the Tunisian authorities did what they had to do to help us."