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    Is it the truth though?


    by james32_

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    i loveeeeeeeeeeee this clip. i think one of my favourite.
    By 24mahal5 years ago
    no girl, whether she likes the guy or not, wants to sit & listen to them say "i never looked at it like that" not good for the self esteem. i dont know whether i would have been able to stay & continue the chat. & to throw in that andrews a big josie fan, not the best timing, although i'm sure he was just trying to make her feel better.
    By julier405 years ago
    I always had the impression that Josie had told him at the bench when she turned their mics off [Day 40] That she had strong feelings for him. But when he talks to her later on that night about the situation between her and Caoimhe, he brings the feelings subject up again. She tells him in that talk, that she thought she must feel quite strongly for him, neither of them mention strong feelings. He also asks her ‘but what do you mean by feelings are you elaborating on that?’ She then tells him that she doesn’t look at him and want to have sex with him, then she makes a joke, something about when he is in his football kit her heart skips a beat. So I am taking it that in his mind, he thinks although she has feelings for him, her feelings are as a friend, rather than feelings for him as in she is attracted to him. I think everyone, including John and Josie themselves were totally confused over all the ‘feelings’ talks!
    By KhyraKitten5 years ago
    I kknow he didn't know how she felt at that point, but what confused me later on, don't know what day it was, after Keeva left and they got closer. They were talking about "feelings" and John said he hadn't known about her "strong feelings" and Josie said "but I thought I told you" and he said "No you just said feelings" and that's why he didn't push it. But I thought she had already told him on the Ben Day task when she switched off his mic at the bench. He said on the Vanessa show that she had switched off his mic and said that. Or am I totally confused?
    By sbyres255 years ago
    couldn't agree more gettinangry lol x
    By giwwy5 years ago
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