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Success story no.7: Sylvia Abreu Melo, Lisbon, Portugal

I was on the verge of bankruptcy taking shots of
Lupron that cost me 300 euros ($400) per shot.

I was 30 when I was first diagnosed with endometriosis, after the unbelievable heavy
bleeding during the periods. I had my first diagnostic surgery in 1998 and they also
removed some of the lesions and the cysts on that occasion.

From that point on it was a crazy dance with my life revolving around my disease
and the days of my life going by me as if I was just a spectator.

I was on Lupron that offered some help but destroyed me financially.

My parents were basically living on the verge of poverty just so that
they can help me pay for my Lupron.

I had a partial hysterectomy in 2005 and I was a bit better for approximately a year.

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