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Lego Minecraft

Michael Inglis

by Michael Inglis

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This is a first person perspective LEGO animation of the hightly popular hit indie title 'Minecraft'

This short was originally intended to be a trail using a camera mount which would go onto make a full film. After struggling with the initial movement and then lighting issues I decided not to persue a first person perspective and instead do a fixed camera angle. Over 1200 individual frames were taken. I'm not even aware of the FPS (I lost track after about 25). I just kept speeding it up untill it looked as similar as I could get it to the movement in Minecraft. 700 of the frames were individually edited on PhotoShop to achieve a half decent green screen effect. As I didn't really intend on doing an awful lot to this after I had tried it out, my greenscreen was somewhat... primitive... Have a look at the raw footage here!
The music used was composed by C418. Check out his site!
If you haven't already I would highly recommend buying and playing Minecraft!
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the music and the animation....good job men !
By Scott Nil 4 years ago
Oh my GOD !
This is insane dude ! It's good to see some original stop motion movie
(I feel sorry for you... about the creeper :p)
By stanleymarsh 4 years ago