WoW - No Point : Stretching Time par Baron Soosdon

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Find it out in this movie which mixes surreal fantasy, model changing, action, drama and almost every other movie genre.

This machinima is the biggest project I've done so far. It all started in early 2008 when I asked people to send me their model changes.

Originally No Point was gonna be "yet another Unlimited Escapism", but with time it grew to be something more.

I hope that you enjoy the movie, download it instead of streaming and watch it from the biggest screen and stereo system available to you.

In a way, No Point: Stretching time is my /bow to the greatest WoW machinima ever made (Edge of Remorse).

Both of these movies have one thing in common: you can interpret the story any way you want to.

[++ WTF?! NO VOICE ACTING?!!?!?!!11 ++]
OMG NOO! FFS VOICEACTING?! Yes, there is no voice acting at all. You see, in order to have voice acting I would have needed to come up with names for the characters in the movie and realize what the hell the plot is all about.

And honestly, I prefer telling the story without words than having the people say corny lines spoken to shitty microphones.

The movie has way too much songs for me to list them all here, but the full list can be seen in the end credits.

(And yes.. Kenion, this is the second time I "steal" that song from you :)

The sound design was done by none other than Caruu, our own prime messenger of Xenu.

Set your volume to over 9000 and let the sounds make sweet lovin' to your audio system!

That's all folks! I hope you enjoy the movie :)

Thanks to Pinkhair, Caruu, Alexandra V. and all the model changers for their contribution to the movie.

#machinima @ Quakenet IRC - come say /hello

Visit for all the news and stuff on murloc propaganda + upcoming releases!

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its really easy to get a card from
Par freewowable il y a 3 ans
J'ai pas tout capté ...
I'm did'nt understand everything ...
Par Lau Will il y a 4 ans