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Bronx, New York – December 3, 2008… The industry’s answer for the next king of Hip-Hop, having collaborated with an array of veterans in the hip hop world, including “HELL RELL” of the superstar rap group “THE DIPLOMATS” and new rap sensation “PAPOOSE”, SQUALA ORPHAN combines his undeniably amazing sound, with the classic production team “THE HEATMAKERZ” and “MONEY HARM” of “PRODUCT G&B” who’s famously noted for their contribution to Carlos Santana’s 22 times platinum single “Maria Maria”.

SQUALA ORPHAN has already made a name for himself with hip-hop fans and industry insiders all over the globe. His work includes being Executive Producer of “SMILEY DA GHETTO CHILD’S” album titled “WAKE UP CALL”. This album consisted of renowned top-notch producers, including the legendary “DJ PREMIER”. The album which was distributed by underground hip-hop guru “FAT BEATS” was a success selling more than 5,000 units. Proving himself to be a true phenomenon in the business, SQUALA ORPHAN has also recorded with “GURU” of the well respected hip-hop group “GANG STARR” who helped pioneer the New York hip-hop sound. Among his many accomplishments, SQUALA ORPHAN joined forces with the All-American hardcore rap group “MASH OUT POSSE” also known as “M.O.P” on the “LINKIN PARK” tour titled “PROJEKT REVOLUTION” an annual music festival hosted by the 2 time Grammy Award Winning rock band themselves. SQUALA ORPHAN also teamed up with “M.O.P” on the “WEAPONS OF MIC DESTRUCTION” tour, an insane showcase of East Coast hip-hop legends. While on both tours, acquiring a devoted fan base, SQUALA ORPHAN independently, distributed over 10,000 promotional mix-tapes once again proving to be a colossal force in the hip-hop business.


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