Young Stallions vs. Barry Horowitz Steve Lombardi

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MSG 1/25/88


You know, a lot of people might find this hard to believe but this tag-team combination of Lombardi and Horowitz actually received a pretty good lower midcard level push frm WWF management, in which they were able to pick up a few victories on Prime Time Wrestling. I believe they teamed together from September of 1987 to March 1988.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago
If it was on Superstars or Wrestling Challenge, it probably would've taken less time, but on the house shows they generally gave them more time to go at it as they didn't have to worry about time constraints.
By Stinger1981 4 years ago
You see this Sting? This is one of the reasons why the Young Stallions were doomed to nothing but mediocrity in the WWF. It took them thirteen minutes to beat a pair of jobber to the stars in Steve Lombardi and Barry Horowitz in Madison Square Garden, when in reality it should have only taken five or seven minutes tops to beat this team.
By Randy Ragsdale 4 years ago