PJE // Scattered - Hidden Stone

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pje is UK based artist Phil Edwards. Phil spent most of the nineties playing guitar in various indie bands. His last band split in 2001 and he disappeared from the music scene for a full five years. In 2006, eager to create music again, Phil started the solo electronica project pje.

Using soothing keys, field recordings, minimal beats and various guitar effects he creates his own style of melodic, melancholic electronica.


Hidden Stone is an ep influenced by calmness and the important need to slow down every now and again. A reaction against a busy, fast-paced attitude that has it's place but not here.

Four ambient/ electronica tracks with atmospheric textures, underlying melancholy tones and sometimes slow-paced rhythmic transitions. Making an ep of disarming sentimentality and mystified abstractions that hopefully intrigue and relax the listener.

© 2011 Phil Edwards. All rights reserved.

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