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    Doll Making Makes a Comeback in Ukraine


    by NTDTelevision

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    Doll making has become more popular in Ukraine. And in Kyiv, one doll shop helps keep the craft alive. Our correspondents introduce us to this unique art.

    Dolls are usually made for a child to play with. But this doll was once used as a talisman.

    At the Author's Doll Salon, which opened in Kyiv, one can trace the history of dolls -- from antique dolls made of tissue and clay to modern ones.

    [Natalia Shumanskaya, Author's Doll Salon]:
    "The Author's doll is different from mass-produced dolls. Dolls that are mass-produced are readily available for children. But each Author's doll is unique and a work of art."

    Doll artists believe their product is a work of art because it involves creativity.

    [Karina Tsarenko, Doll Artist]:
    "Costume and make-up, and hairstyle."

    One artist created a doll that resembles a mythical creature.

    [Karina Tsarenko, Doll Artist]:
    "Being mythical, light, fantastic, the unknown, something new and interesting."

    And another artist finds inspiration through everyday life.

    [Elena Knyazeva, Doll Artist]:
    "I saw the photo of a girl in a headdress on the internet. And so her face reminded me of the Snow Maiden from a fairy tale, and I wanted to create it."

    Professional doll artists say one can master the skill of doll making in 36 hours.

    [Marina Zimina, Doll Artist]:
    "First we make a model in the shape of an egg."

    Two beads are inserted in the base of the foil, and then it is sculptured by polymer plastic. Next the face is shaped like an oval, and its features and facial expressions are created.

    [Marina Zimina, Doll Artist]:
    "Each form is a ball, drop, sausage, patty, we sculpture all this."

    The craft is growing in popularity.

    [Olga Corbina, Doll Maker]:
    "In general, I enjoy the process of modeling and connecting all these parts."

    Doll experts say collectors particularly value dolls that exhibit a certain character.