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    Lendi Vexer - Escape ( Unplugged Acústico )

    DJ DemonAngel

    par DJ DemonAngel

    151 vues

    Lendi Vexer acústico (unplugged) en Liberarte, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 02/10/2009
    Canción: Escape.
    Natalie Naveira: Voz y Guitarra (Vocals and guitar)
    Diego Guiñazu: Bajo ( bass guitar)
    Christian Lemke: Batería (Drums)
    Pablo Boltshauser: Guitarra (Guitar)

    Two impelled artists to spill out deep songs about having decided feelings and aspects of life, with intense lyrics, sometimes introspective, full of personal queries; or, present and retrospective with critics worthy to be written with the most rational pen of the Punk.

    Based on the Down tempo and the Trip hop in format “song”, with a dense and orquestal tint, minimal and rough at moments, distanced clearly of the soft skin of chill-out. The dirt and roughness of their sound is invoked with their old school equipment ...