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    South Korean Protesters Urge Government to Stop Campaign


    by NTDTelevision

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    But some in South Korea are calling on the government to stop pressuring the North to end its nuclear program. They're concerned North Korea will launch more attacks on the South if the campaign continues.

    South Korean anti-war protesters held a rally on Wednesday in Seoul... urging the defense ministry to stop its campaign against North Korea.

    South Korea's military has been dropping leaflets into North Korea about democracy protests in Egypt and Libya in a bid to encourage North Koreans to think about change.

    The North said it would fire across a land border with the South if Seoul continues the campaign.

    A small group of protesters gathered in front of the defense ministry and chanted anti-war slogans calling for the government to stop causing more tensions in pursuing its anti-North Korea campaign.

    [Kim Hwang-young, Protester]:
    "North Korea is reacting very sensitively and it's understandable. The campaign shouldn't be staged unless we're at war. We're urging the Defense Ministry to promptly stop its ongoing anti-North psychological campaign."

    North Korea maintains tight control over communications, including the use of telephones, leaving many in the country unaware of world affairs.